22mm Bugle Beads #22 Black Opaque 50 grams #T701

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Glass Bugle Beads

Bugle Beads are thin, smooth tubular glass beads used for jewellery, bridal outfits, Grad Gowns, beaded fringe, embroidery, costumes design, so much more.

Bugle beads can be strung, sewn on or glued to many different materials.

Due to the nature of this product and how the glass is cut, each Bugle Bead will differ slightly.

Bugle beads can also cut thread so either use Beading Wire or file down the sharp edges using a metal file or an emery board.

50 grams

#7 BUGLE (Approx 22mm)

2 X 22MM

Black Opaque

Made in Taiwan