Extreme Flex Beading Wire 24Kt Gold Plated .024 DIA. 30ft 49 STRAND

$50.00 $100.00

Non disponible

Soft Flex® Extreme™ Wire has the beauty and shine of precious metal but will not tarnish.

The beading wire is constructed of 49 micro woven metal alloy wires then coated in nylon. Extreme™ Wire is free of heavy metals.

Extreme™ Wire is so supple you can knot it. It is strong, durable, doesn't kink, and drapes beautifully. To finish the ends either knot or use crimps.

The wire, spools, and clips can be recycled. Empty the spool and remove the label before placing in your recycling bin.

Soft Flex Extreme, the shine of gold with the ease of use of Soft Flex. 24k Gold over stainless steel. Nylon coated. 49 strands. Size: .024" Heavy. Ideal for abrasive beads or designs that have excessive use like bracelets and watches. Test strength 10lbs.