Elements Metal Seed Beads Rhodium 11/0 MT11-IMRHOD

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Metal Seed Beads 

These seed beads are made of pure metal not glass.  Brass beads, heavily coated with a Colour Finish.  

Metal seed beads can be used in a variety of bead weaving and bead loom projects.

The edges of the holes may be sharp, due to the manufacturing process. We recommend using a stronger beading thread, such as Fireline, Wildfire or Powerpro. KO or Nymo threads are not recommended.

Measurements : 11/0 Size. 2.3mm Diameter, 1.6mm along string. Hole is approximately 1mm in diameter and fits up to 18 gauge wire and stringing materials (.040 inch)

Quantity: 1 Tube (Each tube contains approximately 16 Grams of beads.) Approximately 57 beads per gram 

Imitation Rhodium Plate