John James Beading Needle 25pcs #L4310

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John James Beading Needles

Sharps have short round small eyes.

Size #10 0.53mm diameter x 32.5mm (1.28 inches) long.

Size #11 0.46mm diameter x 31mm (1.2 inches) long.

Size #12 0.41mm x 30mm (1 3/16")

25 needles per envelope. L4310.

Similar to English beading needles, only shorter and the perfect length for beading edges & tight areas. Referred to as “shorts.” Sharp needles are “all purpose” needles, used for mending, general hand sewing, embroidery & even applique. John James needles are known for their very fine quality. Packed and inspected in England using needles made in China to European quality and specification.

Comes in a package of 25 needles.