How many Seed Beads are there in each Pack?
Our packs vary from small tubes with 3.1 grams to bags with 1lb (453 grams), and even 1kilo bags.
To make it easier, we have averaged out how many beads you can expect per gram, so you simply multiply the pack weight to the beads per gram listed here. These counts and weights are approximate and can vary due to the brand of the bead, the hole size and the bead finish. 
For Example: Metallic beads will weigh more than transparent.

15/0 seed beads are about 290 per gram.

11/0 seed beads are about 110 per gram.

11/0 Delicas are about 190 per gram.

8/0 seed beads are about 38 per gram.

6/0 seed beads are about 15 per gram.

#3 Bugles are about 95 per gram.

Drop beads are about 20 per gram.

Square beads 3x3 are about 21 per gram.

Square beads 4x4 are about 12 per gram.


How many gemstone beads in a strand?

Most of our gemstones are sold in approximately 15 inch strands unless otherwise stated. 

You can expect approximately this many beads in a 15 inch strand:

2mm      Approx 200

3mm     Approx 130

4mm     Approx 100

6mm     Approx 60

8mm     Approx 48

10mm    Approx 40

12mm    Approx 33


What does it mean when a Seed Bead is Size 11/0?

Aught Size:  A unit of measurement used in beading that refers to the number of beads lined up side by side.  11/0 would mean that 11 beads would fit in that space.    An 8/o means you will have 8 beads fit in that space, and a 6/o means you will get 6 beads to fill that same amount of space.  Smaller the number, the bigger the bead, because it takes fewer beads to fill that space.


What is AB?

Aurora Borealis (AB):  AB is a coating that is applied to many crystals and beads to give them a permanent iridescent effect.   


What are Bugle Beads?

Bugle Beads: A thin, tubular shaped bead that is available in 1.5 to over 25mm in size.  


What is a Ceylon Finish on a Bead?

Ceylon: A pearl looking finish on a translucent bead.


What are Charlotte Cut Beads?

Charlotte:  Also  known as 1-Cut are made by Preciosa and also by TOHO.  These beads give a flicker of sparkle to your finished creation. 


What is a Rainbow Finish? 

Dyed Rainbow:  This finish is made by applying surface dyes or stains to the finished beads with heat.  Care should be taken to avoid overexposure to sunlight or contact with oils and acids from the skin.


What is Frosted or Matte?

Frosted:  More commonly referred to as Matte Finish.  Chemical etching or tumbling produces a matte finish.  

Galvanized:  The shiny finish on these beads gives them the appearance of metal.  They are not in the metallic bead family.  Unlike their previous renditions, the new galvanized beads are very durable. 

Gold-Lined:  These transparent beads have a real 14KT Gold Plating on the inside of the bead.

Gold-Lustered:  A transparent bead that has had a gold luster applied to the surface.

Hex Beads:  These beads are also referred to as CUT and have six facets on each bead.  

Inside-Color or Color-Lined:  Transparent or Transparent AB beads that have had an opaque color added to the inside of the bead.  

Luster:   A semi-transparent high gloss coating is applied with a resulting pearl like appearance.    

Matte:  The matte finish is done with chemical etching or tumbling.  These beads are very popular in todays creations.  

Metallic and Higher Metallic:  These beads have a shiny polished metallic finish.  

Opaque:  Opaque means that the bead is solid and no light can pass through.  

Perma Finish:  TOHO has developed a technology that has dramatically improved the stability of their galvanized, silver-lined, and Ceylon beads.  These new generation PF beads are more durable but still sensitive to alcohol and harsh chemicals.  

Seed Beads:  Uniform Rounded Beads made famous by Miyuki from Japan and now created by Preciosa and TOHO.  We carry them in sizes 2/0 to 15/0. They are used in intricate jewellery making, loom work, bead weaving, bead crochet, bead embroidery, clothing and many other things.  Famous in Indigenous Art dating back many generations.  

Silver-Lined:  These transparent beads are coated with a Sterling Silver Lining inside to give the bead a sparkle from within. 

Three-Cuts:  These beads are very similar to the 1-Cuts or Charlottes but have three cuts or facets to them. 

Transparent:  These are the most common seed beads and are clear to the eye. 

Treasures:  Similar to Delica, TOHO’s Treasures are a cylinder bead that is slightly smaller than an 11/0 RD bead.