Delica Seed Beads 11/0 HEX CUT Light Cranberry AB Lined Dyed DBC062

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Miyuki Hex Cut Delica seed beads have a uniform size and shape, each cut gives a flash of light making your jewellery sparkle.

Delica Bead,finest cylinder beads, were developed by MIYUKI for bead weaving. Bead weaving is one of the techniques that became popular in the Victorian age because of their beautiful luster and fine lines. 

Delica beads are very popular with our beaders due to their consistent size and colours.  These Japanese glass seed beads feature a cylinder shape that is ideal for detailed projects such as bead weaving or looming. These beads are prized for their precise consistency in size and color and they feature large holes that allow for multiple passes of thread.

They are excellent beading supplies to keep on hand for a variety of projects.

Approximately 5.2 grams vial

Delica 11/0 CUT

Light Cranberry AB Lined-Dyed