Nephrite Jade Natural Gemstone Bead Strand #10-186NEP

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Natural Nephrite Jade Gemstone Bead Strands

Nephrite jade is a mineral composed of highly dense, fibrous crystal masses.

It is one of the oldest gemstones in the world and considered a sacred material in Chinese cultures and traditions.

For many centuries, people confused nephrite and jadeite as the same mineral, when in fact, they are very different chemically.

Nephrite jade is a soft, fibrous crystal that’s most popularly used in carvings, jewelry, and home decor.

Nephrite is by far the most common and popular. That’s in large part because there are Nephrite deposits throughout China and Canada. When you see Chinese jade, you are looking at Nephrite because there actually aren’t any jadeite deposits in China.

There’s been some dispute as to whether or not nephrite is real jade. This is primarily because of the surge of demand for the high-quality, jadeite jade.

Rest assured, although they are different, both types of jade are real.

 Colour does vary from picture as natural stones can be different each lot.