TOHO Hex Seed Beads 15/0 - Opaque Turqouise 55

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These TOHO hex beads feature six perfectly formed sides that will add a pop of texture and shine to any project. Hexagon-cut Japanese TOHO seed beads are the perfect size for bead weaving, looming, and embroidery. 

TOHO Seed Beads are precision sized and manufactured with a slightly larger hole than other seed beads.  This is why they are favoured for advanced bead weaving techniques that require multiple passes of thread through each bead. 

Toho translates to "Eastern Treasure" in English.  Toho are Japanese Seed Beads that are known for their high quality, precision crafting and uniformity in size.  

15/0 Measures approx. 1.5mm in Diameter

15/0 HEX - Opaque Turquoise

8-9 Grams