Bead Bandit - Silver Plated

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How often have you spent time and money working on a piece only to have to end your beautiful work with an unattractive crimp bead?

With The Bead Bandit you can hide the Crimp bead or eliminate it altogether.

Here's how it works.  The Bead Bandit comes in 2 parts. The Collet and the Cover. To begin, we unscrew the collet from the cover and slide onto your stringing material. Now, there are 2 ways to finish your jewelry piece.

The 1st way is to tie a knot, cut excess and screw the cap into place.

The 2nd way to finish off, is with a crimp Bead. Slide the collet onto wire, add crimp bead and crimp with your traditional crimping pliers. Once the bead has been crimped, cut away the access and screw the cap into place.

The Beadsmith BEAD BANDIT is a Patent protected, easy to use finding that will give your jewelry designs a clean and professional look. It will fit up to a .019 diameter wire and a 2x2mm crimp bead. It is available in both Gold Plate as well as Silver Plate.

Pack of 2 pcs or bulk 36pcs