Ukraine Flag Seed Beads for Healing, Teaching and Sharing (1 per order)

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Our hearts were heavy when the first graves were found in Kamloops in September 2021, we felt we had to do something, so we started giving away orange beads to anyone who needs them for healing, teaching or sharing.

Now months later and graves are still being found in Canada. Not only that but we are seeing children oceans away being murdered. Our hearts ache for them.

Beading is healing for most of us, so we have added beads with the colours of the Ukraine Flag to our bin.

Please help yourselves to one next time you visit and perhaps create a sunflower in honour of these children.

Please accept our gift to help the healing.  Use it for yourself or teach a child the skills of beading with them as you explain that adults can and do make mistakes

You may add a maximum one healing bead to your order.