Bracelet Design Board Large 13.5x10.5 Inches

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These display trays are made of plastic and flocking.

The channels in the center are used to store beads and visualize bracelets of different sizes. 

  • This bead board makes it so much easier to plan out a necklace or bracelet design before stringing. Perfect for laying out intricate beading without fear of the beads rolling away. Saves time and makes beading much easier. 
  • Great for beading, holds lots of beads. The flocked interior allows beads to move but not too fast and holds them in place. Makes it easier to pick up beads without everything sliding away. It is also practically flat so it fits in a drawer without taking up much space at all.
  • Nice and sturdy, perfect for beading projects. Large with good-sized bead compartments and is of good-quality construction. Nice work area for beading and jewelry making.
  • Definitely keeps the beads in one place. Great for laying out your designs before you start stringing it together and you no longer need a tape measure as each section is labelled with sizes from 20cm to 13cm. 
  • You can lay out and measure everything before starting your piece of jewelry, can separate beads and findings easily. It's coated with felt and has contours that all help to hold your beads in place. Really convenient item to have!
  • 13.48" x 10.24"