Crystal in Metal Setting with Hot Fix Glue Backing

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Crystals set in Aluminum Metal Trim on a hot fix backing ready to adhere to any surface with an Iron. Ideal for Bridal Dresses, Bridesmaid, Grad Gowns and dance outfits.  Can also be used to bling up accessories like shoes and purses. 

Material: Glass Rhinestones, Aluminum Metal Trim Rhinestones

Size: Glass Crystal Beads 3mm.

Trim Size: 45*120cm / 17.71 inch * 47.24 inch (830 Sq Inches) - Full Roll

This hotfix rhinestones mesh has a Hot Melt Adhesive, when ironed-on using an iron temperature in the range of 130-180° the Hot Melt Adhesive will melt and bond to your fabric.

We recommend you iron from the fabric side. 

The Crystals can also be glued on but melting on is more permanent and gives you a perfect finish. 

Can be cut into any strip or shape.