Cultured Freshwater Genuine Natural Pearl Strand - Potato Shape

$17.98 $25.00

Genuine Cultured Freshwater Pearl Strand 

Hole: 0.8mm

Colour: Creamy White 

The birthstone for the month of June, Pearl is the gem of queens and the queen of gems.

Pearls are an organic gemstone formed by living creatures such as oysters and mollusks. A pearl is produced when tiny stones and a bit of sand get inside the mollusk’s shell.  Pearls can take years to form.  They are one of the most magnificent and precious gemstone used in jewellery and ornamentation.  These stones can be compared with our own development and struggle for our inner growth.

We can change and grow beautiful - this is the message, which a pearl signifies through their development and struggle. It is believed to absorb the negative energy from the wearer and rebounds the energy back with positive traits. In fact, pearls serve the wearer when they need to deal with self-confrontation.

Pearls have always been popular with weddings, both on the bride, the mother in law and as gifts.  They are the symbol of pure divine love from the person who gives you these charming stones. These stones have curative powers due to the calcium content in the substance and protein from its original source.

Pearls are well-known for their healing properties for centuries, they are also considered as medicine. Drinking pearl water regularly over a long period helps the wearer to stabilize the production of hormones in their body. It is believed that wearing a pearl necklace, alleviates chronic headaches and migraines.

Pearls also reduces allergies and promote wisdom and contentment into the old age. It has been used throughout the medicinal history to cure the issues related to the digestive tract and muscular systems. These stones are best at curing skin related problems.