Delica HEX CUT Seed Bead 11/0 Rose Sparkle Crystal Lined DB914

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Miyuki Hex Cut seed beads have a uniform size and shape, each cut gives a flash of light making your jewellery sparkle. These 11/0 hex 2-cut beads are true size (1.7x1.9mm). They are larger than Delica 11/0 cut beads (1.58x1.4mm) which are actually closer to a 12/0 size. The inner Hole is approximately .8MM and the diameter is 2MM.

Hex (or hexagon) cut beads have 6 cut sides, giving them extra dimension and texture. The cut edges catch the light beautifully. Cut beads are close to the same size as seed beads, however, the ends and sides are squared off creating a more tubular appearance. The shape and large hole size of the hex cuts make them ideal for bead weaving and multiple passes of beading thread, such as C-Lon or Miyuki thread.