Designs by Whispering Wind that Moves the Clouds - Tracy Dandurand



"My name is Tracy Dandurand. My Spirit Name is Whispering Wind that Moves the Clouds.

I am a Dakota Sioux from Portage la Prairie, MB but I was adopted out as an infant during the 60's Scoop and raised away from my family and culture in Ottawa, Ontario. I was raised in a Caucasian family who had three older children of their own. I grew up without knowing anything cultural. The only exposure I had was what I was taught in school; which didn't cover much and a beading loom I was given for Christmas when I was 10 or 11yrs old. I had never seen one and had no idea how to use. Nor did anyone else in my family but after some experimenting and several tries I taught myself how to make small rings and bracelets for my friends. I ran out of beads and although I had asked they were never replaced.

My adoption was an unsuccessful one and I was gratefully removed and placed into a group home when I was 15yrs old. I would never return home and only saw my adopted parents a handful of times before not at all. Fate would intervene when I was 19yrs old and a small series of events that happened when I was 17yrs old would unite me with my birth mother 2yrs later. For my 20th birthday my birth mother gave me a beautiful beaded necklace and earrings set. I had never seen anything like it nor as stunning. It sparked the 2nd phase in my life for beading. I studied the set my mother had given me and was able to recreate it. But again it didn't last long. My son was an infant and the next few years I'd be busy being a mom to two children.

My husband and I moved to BC from Ontario in 2008. Our 2 children had grown and moved out and my husband's brother was here in BC fighting Cancer. He wanted to be near him. I took a job working with the Residential Schools Settlements office in downtown Vancouver. We settled into our new home and things were great. Until I got sick and put on extended sick leave for 2yrs to await surgery. I had nothing to do during that time so my husband began buying me beads to keep me busy.

Phase 3 came for my beading in 2011 and it hasn't ended. My husband is my biggest fan and encourages me to try new ideas and supplies. My beads have been my saviour and take me away when life gets too crazy. I try not to make the same piece twice and make sure I'm in a good mood so I'm passing positive energy and prayers. I am a self-taught beader following my beads as they take me on my journey home."


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