Dog Charms Assorted by Jewelry Made By Me 9pcs

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Dog Charms

These charms are great for the dog lover in all of us! There are nine different dog themed charms, each one is unique. One is a smooth silver circle charm, with a cutout of a dog paw. Another is a dog bone in smooth silver. The center of the bone has three clear round stones embedded in the silver. There is a charm that has I heart my with a dog face in smooth silver. One charm is a heart shaped charm in smooth gold. It has a cutout of a dog pay in the center. There is a smooth silver dog bowl, with a gold dog bone nesting inside of it. Another is a dog bone that has a dot pattern in the metal on each end and three small clear stones in the center. One is a flat smooth silver dog bone with an etched design on the front. There is a striped dog house, complete with a dog laying through the door of the house and the last is a charm in the shape of a paw, with cutouts on the pad and each toe. Use one or all to create a unique piece, designed by you!

9pcs in a pack