John James Pearl Stringing Needle Extra Long Size 12 - 10Pcs #L4321-12

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John James Beading Needles Longs

Extra long beading needles. Also called pearl needles, as they are often used for stringing pearls before knotting. 

Size 12 needles.

These needles are 3" long. Nickel plated steel. 

This needle is a fine beading needle, having a diameter of 0.36mm and a length of 76mm and is 25mm longer than it's counterpart from the standard range.

These stiff, yet flexible, English beading needles are preferred by most beaders.  John James English needles are high quality and one of our most popular beading needle options. Standard beading needles are very fine and long. The eye of the needle is the same width as the rest of the needle.

Made in England.

Size 12

Extra Long

Perfect for Pearl Stringing.  

Length 3 inches