Lava Stone Grey Natural Stone Bead Strand #10-77

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Colour Enhanced - Grey/Dark Grey

Lava beads are great for aromatherapy as they retain essential oils. 

Lava Rock is known for being a grounding stone, one that can balance the emotions and bring about calmness and strength. It’s believed to help keep tempers in check and also help its wearer to work through problems in a logical way. At the same time, there is a raw energy about Lava Rock, since it is born out of the fiery heat underneath the earth’s surface. This energy is said to represent rebirth or renewal. Lava Rock is known for helping to promote fertility. 


These Lava Rock beads are formed from cooled down molten basalt, an igneous rock. The molten material from a volcano erupts and cools into a porous, black, and solid structure. The unique texture has a spongy feel with small, irregular holes. Due to its natural composition, these holes are not uniform but occur randomly. The naturally porous surface of lava rock provides an ideal surface for diffusing essential oils. Its porous quality effectively traps oil molecules, making it perfect for use as a natural diffuser. These beads also make stunning jewelry pieces.


When the stone is cut and polished, it can be formed into beads of different shapes. These volcanic rock beads are often black, but they also take dye beautifully and are available in many different colors, including white, sky blue, teal, fuchsia, green, purple, tan, and chocolate brown. 

Hardness 3-3.5


Originating from China, the Lava Stone beads have been meticulously cut, drilled, and polished in their country of origin. These gemstones are then skillfully dyed with a coloring agent, enhancing the existing color or achieving a more uniform color throughout.

No two natural stones are identical so actual stones may vary from picture.