Miyuki Bugle #1 Beads Matte Gunmetal 2001

$5.38 $7.00

Miyuki Bugle Beads



Hole: .7mm

Approx 1772.55 Beads

Approx 19.5 Grams Vial

Matte Gunmetal


Bugle beads come in a variety of lengths from 2m up to 30mm and have a width of 1mm to 2mm. As with seed beads there is a number system that denotes their size but the Japanese and the Czechs use different systems:

Czech bugle beads have a numeric system with a hash and an incremental number denoting the sizes. As an example size #1 is 2mm long, size #2 is 4mm and size #3 is 7mm long.

The Japanese bead manufacturers uses the same hash symbol to denote size but their measurements are different, with a size #1 at 3mm, size #2 at 6mm and #3 at 9mm long. 

Bugle beads are produced as one long tube of glass and then trimmed into the correct length. This means that they can have sharp cut ends. This may cause stringing thread to fray or cut so care needs to be given to thread selection. If your design allows it is also worth using a seed bead, or other smooth edged bead, either side of bugle beads to protect the stringing thread. For this very reason, creative beading projects that include bugle beads often include small, round beads, such as seed beads. Pairing bugle beads with seed beads or other beads, also adds flexibility to your jewellery designs, as a strand of bugle beads will not move as fluidly as a strand of bugle beads and other beads combined.