Natural Chrysanthemum Stone (Fossil Stone) Bead Strand 9-60

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Natural Chrysanthemum Stone/Fossil Stone

Approx 15 inches

Chrysanthemum stone , which was shaped over 200 million years ago, is found in the rock of the bottom of Daxi River in Yonghe town, Liu Yang city, Hunan province,China. The stone contains patterns exactly like chrysanthemum, so it is called chrysanthemum stone. It is natural, rare and unparalleled.

Wear, carry, sleep or meditate with Chrysanthemum Stone to activate dormant skills, talents and potential abilities that lie within the Self. For those who feel they have missed their calling, or are unsure of what their gifts might be, this stone inspires, enlivens and enkindles. It can bring the impetus to do something one has always wanted to do and draws in unexpected opportunities from the Universe that could assist one in living out their dreams. [Melody, 202][Simmons, 110-111]

No two natural stones are identical so actual stones may vary from picture.