Ojibwa Bead Loom Kit

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The Ojibwa Wooden Bead Loom is capable of projects as large as 5 x 40 inches. Includes 2 dowel rods, 2 notched loom ends, 4 screw eyes, an illustrated beadwork directions and an authentic Bead pattern worksheet.

The Ojibwa Bead Loom is the most popular, rugged loom on the market. Real wood construction makes it sturdy and easy to use. It was developed based on traditional looms used by Indigenous Peoples.

This loom accommodates beadwork up to 5″ wide and 40″ long. It comes with 18″ long dowels.  You can move the beaded strip around the ends of the loom for longer pieces.  You can also add longer dowels for even larger projects.

This Bead Loom comes with directions on how to do loom beadwork, and graph paper too!

Kit Includes:

2 Dowel Rods

2 Notched Loom Ends

4 Screw Eyes

Illustrated Beadwork Directions

Graph Paper

NOTE: Some minor assembly required CAUTION: Contains sharp needles & small parts. Not intended for the creation of children's jewelry or for use by children under the age of 13.