S-Lon Beading Cord Tex 45 .11mm - 82Yards

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S-Lon Superlon 

S-Lon bead cord Tex 45 is .11 mm 3-ply twisted, bonded multifilament nylon cord.  

S-lon is a nylon monocord which is available in 36 lustrous colors & 2 sizes.

This parallel fiber thread will fit through a #12 beading needle.

It has the feel of Nymo, but comes close to the strength of Power Pro®.

It can be used for all kinds of beadwork: Peyote stitch; loom warping; off-loom netting projects & other multi-pass bead stitches.

This thread has almost no stretch. 

1 Spool/pack

82 Yards Spool 

Tex 45 Extra Fine compared to Size D Thread