Sea Life Charms Assorted 12pcs White Silver Colour

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Silver & Gold seashore charms. There is a seashell, starfish, sea turtle and seahorse.

Assorted Colours

Feel like you hear the roar of the ocean when wearing these seashore charms! There are four charms in all, in a mix of silver and gold. There is a seashell charm, complete with scallops. There is a starfish charm: Each leg and the body has a dot pattern for texture. Another is a sea turtle with two round eyes, a dot and scallop pattern on his shell and a dash pattern on his feet. The last is a seahorse: the body has a square pattern on it, down through the curved tail. The fin has a dash pattern. Great for charm bracelets, necklaces, back packs, tote bags and more! Use one or all to create to create a unique piece, designed by you!

12pcs in a pack