Opelon Elastic String Fiber White 5M 0.7 mm

$3.99 $6.00

The Beadsmith Opelon Cord is the perfect item to get started making jewelry. The elastic string is perfect for bracelet, necklace, beading and jewelry making. The flat fibrous material is a 0.7mm diameter as comes in several different lengths.

The size is ideal for use with most seed beads, gemstones, glass beads, pony beads, etc. It is suggested to use a large eye beading needle, which are designed with a big hole in the middle of the needle that are easy to thread.

No more worry about threading problems. Opelon has a surprising stretch and resiliency, great for anklets and other slip-on and flexible jewelry pieces. It is unbelievably strong, it knots easily and doesn't require crimps. The string is thin enough to be tucked inside the hole of a bead, hidden from sight. The flat structure give it greater flexibility than other stretch cord options and will not droop over time.

This stretch cord is Latex free and is widely used in jewelry making and beading projects. It is also suitable for hanging ornaments, home decor, tying, packaging, crafting and much more.