Tigertail Acculon Stringing Wire 7 Strand Clear .024 DIA 30ft

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Acculon Stringing Wire

Acculon Stringing Wire is constructed of either 3 or 7 micro spun, stainless steel wires woven together and then nylon coated. 

Acculon offers some flexibility and kink resistance, but not as much as Soft Flex. This is due to the number of strands inside the nylon coating. The basic rule of nylon coated stringing wire is that the more strands the more flexibility.

To attach a clasp to any nylon coated steel wire, you will need to use Crimp Beads. The diameter you will need depends on the beads you are stringing. Choose a size that will offer you the highest strength, while allowing for the best "drape". Strength is determined by the number of strands and the diameter of the wire.

The heavier the beads, the larger the diameter needed.

7 Strand

.024 Diameter  Ideal for stringing very heavy or abrasive beads

30 feet