SWAROVSKI 2058 Flatback Rhinestones XILION Rose SS7(2mm)



Swarovski 2058 Flatback Rhinestones are perfect for anything, from dance costumes to pageant gowns!

STYLE # 2058


Swarovski 2058 flatback rhinestones are the enhanced cut  XILION Rose that replaces the popular Swarovski 2028 Flatback Rhinestone.  The 2058 Swarovski Flatback Rhinestone is a leader in its class and the best quality rhinestone manufactured today. The modern Xilion cut has 14 alternating facets and a small table which gives the rhinestone the ultimate sparkle.

The 2058 Swarovski Rhinestone is very diverse in its application possibilities. It can be easily applied with glue and adhered to many different types of materials including fabrics, metal, wood, and plastic. (For more information on how to glue these stones, please review the Gluing Section of the Swarovski Application Manual.  These always popular rhinestones are used across many industries for bridal and wedding, costumes, nail art, dance and skating, equestrian show clothes, basic craft, and the ever popular "crystallizing". In smaller sizes, these rhinestones are perfect for highly detailed work or as fill in stones. There are no limits, except your imagination with the application potential of these rhinestones.

Swarovski 2058 Xilion Flatback Rhinestones are made of "Advanced Crystal" and are lead free and compliant with international standards.

The features of Swarovski 2058 Rhinestones include:

* Enhanced Brilliance
* Improved Table Size
* More Intense Colors through New Geometry
* Same Applicability as Article 2028
* Same Luminosity as a Multi-Layered cut