TOHO 11/0 Seed Beads Permafinish - Silver Lined Milky Baby Pink PF2105

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Japanese 11/0 Toho round seed beads have a very consistent shape and size. They are the most popular size of seed beads and are available in 100's of different colors. They are designed with a larger hole than other seed beads which allows for more pass-throughs for thread.

The larger hole also means you get more beads per gram. (110 to 120 Beads per gram)

TOHO has developed a technology that has dramatically improved the stability of their galvanized, silver-lined, and Ceylon beads.  These new generation PF beads are more durable but still sensitive to alcohol and harsh chemicals.  

Permafinish - Silver Lined Milky Baby Pink 


8.9 Grams