Tulip Twisted Beading Needles Long #TBN-007e

$9.88 $17.00

Tulip Big Eye Beading Needles #007e

These are the most coveted beading needles in the market.  Many beaders will never use another needle after trying a Tulip Needle.  Made in Japan, they last through many projects.  Our beaders have told us that a Tulip Needle will last months so even though they are a bit more, they are worth it as you don't go through as many needles.  


- Perfect for threading beads when doing bead crochet work.
- The twisted section at the needle's tip prevents threads from falling out during use.
- Fine and flexible.
- Ideal for beading and bead embroidery
- Resists bending and breakage - last longer than other beading needles
- Flexible, super-thin, springy and strong
- The tip is slightly rounded to avoid splitting the thread unlike other needles.
- The eye of the needle is gold plated to make threading easier. There are no burrs!

Sizes:         .2MM x 120MM (Diameter x Length)
Quantity:   1 Piece
Material:    Nickel-coated Steel
Case/Cap:  Polystyrene/Cork

Country of Origin: Japan