Ultrasuede 8.5x8.5 Inches 1pc/pack

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Ultrasuede is an extremely soft, yet durable material which can be used as a beading foundation for cabochon beading and bead applique.

SIZE: 8.5x8.5 Inches

This beautiful material is completely luxurious, with the soft texture and feel of premium suede. Ultrasuede is unparalleled in quality, combining functionality and durability. This natural-looking suede surface has a soft, plush and sensuous feel. There is excellent breathability, making it very comfortable to wear against the skin.

Available in a variety of gorgeous colors, the ST Ultrasuede is 65% polyester ultra-microfiber non-woven with 35% non-fibrous polyurethane binder. This highly versatile material was developed through advanced fiber research and development, resulting in a superior resistance to crocking, pilling, fraying, stretching and shrinking.

Ultrasuede is colorfast and cannot be torn or nicked. It resists salt staining. It conforms to the highest standards of European health, safety and environmental protection standards, SATRA tested and proved.

Caring for your product is easy. Machine wash in cold water, on a delicate cycle, with like colors. Use a mild detergent - do not use bleach. Tumble or line dry. It can be steam ironed on a low setting, with a press cloth.

Please be aware that color migration may occur if dark-colors fabric is combined with white or light-colored fabric. This material can be dry cleaned by conventional methods, except for white. Ultrasuede is used not only in fashion and interior design, but also for automobile and airplane upholstery, sports gear, watches, electronic and mobile devices, pet beds, pillows, displays, jewelry and much more.